Southwest Center Programs

The Southwest Center offers a variety of programs in hopes of satisfying the needs of individuals we serve. We accept private pay and are an approved agency under the SCL (Support for Community Living) and the Michelle P Medicaid waiver programs.

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Offers individuals the ability to earn an income through differed work contracts from local businesses and work through our agency owned Handi-Craft Ceramics. This program teaches individuals the social interaction skills and proper work habits that lead to competitive employment in the community.

ADULT DAY TRAINING: The Adult Day Training program is a unique part of the Southwest Center. Individuals in this program gain a higher level of independence through learning activities of daily living. Staff work closely on teaching skills such as cooking, cleaning, money management and decision making. Individuals in this group are out in the community 3-4 days a week utilizing our communities resources for fitness, entertainment and community inclusion.

RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: This program allows individuals to live in their own home with the assistance and supervision of trained staff.

COMMUNITY ACCESS: This program offers individualized guidance and support such as shopping, household care and other community based activities.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: This program offers 3 wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport individuals to and from our program in addition to transporting persons in the community to medical appointments.